Bounomine 棒ノ嶺

Hello nature lovers 🙂

As this is my first post, I thought it would be better if I talked about my best hiking place in Saitama. I’ve been there countless times, and it is every time different and exceptionally beautiful.

Bounomine is 969 meter high mountain located in the border of Saitama and Tokyo, at 1hr 45 mins from Ikebukuro by train and bus. The mountain itself is called Bounomine by Saitama people, and Bounoori-yama by Tokyo people.

The hike itself is technical but easy, total walking time is 3 to 4 hours at a slow paste.

Along the trail, three waterfalls are the highlights of the trail: 藤懸の滝, 天狗の滝 and 白孔雀の滝. The course is registered as 「関東ふれあいの道(Kanto-fureai Trail) and 水源のみち(Water source trail)」.

I do my best to get to Sawarabinoyu Bus Station as early as I can, around 10 am or earlier, then I walk alongside the road untill Arima Dam where the fun hiking starts. Then I walk Naguri Lake for 20 minutes up to Shiraya bridge.

The climb takes place near a stream and Japanese cedar forest that lead to three major water falls. The part I like the most about the trail is the gorge like walls of rock, it’s challenging when water level is high but it’s worth the try.

After 50 mins climbing slightly steep wood footsteps, I reach the top, the scenery is amazing in both rainy and sunny days.

Refer to the attached map, total walking hour is about 3hr 40mins.

Useful link

Blog (Japanese):

Things to Bring

Outdoor clothing with water and snacks for the day.
Proper outdoor boots and raincoat. (A plastic bag can be a sbustitute.)


Leave Ikebukuro 池袋 at 7:40am —> Arrive Hannou 飯能 at 8:33am

Leave Hannou station at 8:45, around 45 mins to get to Sawarabi-no-yu bus station.

行き 飯能駅→さわらびの湯 … 00102.html

帰り さわらびの湯→飯能駅 … 04901.html

For onsen lovers

Naguri-onsen Taishoukaku 名栗温泉 大松閣



train : 450yen from Ikebukuro(池袋) to Hannou(飯能),  bus: 600yen

Onsen: さわらびの湯 Sawarabi-no-yu :800yen or 1300yen

This is how the trail looks like 🙂 Enjoy!

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