The Japanese Northern Alps, Kitahotaka-Dake 3106 meter

Explore the roof of Japan, take a summer or winter (for ski lovers) climb in Japan’s northern Alps. But let’s stick with summer for now 😉

Begin with a 3 day track from the Kamikouchi area and hike along the magnificent ridges of the steep massifs that make up the Kita Alps, a collection of peaks with names like Hitaka-Dake, Yariga-Dake, kitahotaka-Dake.

There is no doubt that you’ll make many many many friends with like-minded Japanese climbers as you stay at the huts or at the camping areas, and share the most spectacular views in Japan.

Advise for Climbers Overseas

Because climbing the Japanese Northern Alps is not easy, climbers should be fully prepared for it.

I. Equipment/Clothing

<Rain Gear> As it rains almost every afternoon in the Alps, Rain Gear is very important to keep yourself and your things dry. It is very advisable to use proper rain gear for mountaineering; Waterproof, breathable protection, and lightweight. Preferably the two-piece type (top and bottom) Rain Gear.

<Proper, strong and safe mountain boots> I have seen people hiking down the alps in sandals because they were careless enough to bring bad quality hiking shoes.

<warm light clothes> In the Alps, it gets cold even in the summer because of the high altitude.

<gloves> you will be using your hands to climb at many points.

II. Medication to prevent altitude sickness.

Do not forget to bring your mountain guide book, to plan your trekking ahead enough, and to start your hike early and arrive to your destination early.

If you’re climbing without a guide, make sure you bring gears mentioned bellow:

<Rescue bad, Emergency Shelter, Mobile phone usable in Japan>


  • By Train

From Shinjuku Station to Matsumoto Station (3890 ¥)

From Matsumoto Station to Shinshimashima Station (680¥)

Bus > From Shinshimashima Station to Kamikouchi (2400¥)

  • By Bus

From Shinjuku Station to Kamikouchi (8000¥)


First day: Kamikouchi to Yokoo Sanso Hut, 4 hours easy hike.

Second day: Karasawa to Kitahotaka-Dake, 6 hours hiking up.

Third day: Hike down all the way to Yokoo Sansi hut, 4 hours.

Fourth day: Walk back to Kamikouchi, 4 hours.

I will post Info and photos of Yarigata-Dake soon 🙂 let’s keep in touch 🙂

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