Cycling, camping, bird watching … around Teganuma Pond, Abiko, Chiba.

Alloha nature lovers 🙂

Tday, I won’t be talking about a montain, nor climbing, today I’ll talk about a very beautiful place, very very close to Tokyo, where anyone can go cycling, kayaking, jogging, camping… alone, with friends or with family 🙂

Teganuma Pond is a beautiful hiking, cycling, fishing, and camping area located in Abiko city, Chiba prefecture. A perfect place to spend a day with family and friends.

Teganuma Pond was the most polluted lake Japanese lake for 27 consecutive years, but today, swimming, kayaking, boat racing … and other sports contests are held in that same pond. Fishing is also allowed! Today, Teganuma Pond is a wildlife protected area where people from all over Japan go there to watch and observe rare Japanese birds. In addition to that, the annual National Bird Festival is held around Teganuma Pond.

The fact that Teganuma Pond is a wildlife protected area, in addition to the changing landscape around the pond from season to season, the rice fields, farms and forests that surrounds the pond, Teganuma Pond is considered to be a very beautiful, interesting, exciting, and accessible outdoor area where people can camp, cycle for over 5 hours around the lake and the rivers, and also do any other kind of sport, including jogging, kayaking, yoga, ceiling, rollerblading… or just for a picnic with family or friends 🙂

Abiko is also well known for its Bird museum, that also provides a star observatory that is open at specific days. For more information, call +81-471-85-2212.

Personally, I go cycling, running, camping, walking or practicing yoga. I also love taking photos around the pond as I live just 5 minutes walk from Teganuma.

Teganuma on trip advisor.

For information about possible cycling or running, or hiking or rollerblading routes.

From Tokyo to Abiko, one way trip costs 620 yen.

Take the Yamanote line from Tokyo station to Ueno station, then take Jouban Line Rapid Service to Abiko Station. The whole trip takes  45 minutes.

You will need good hiking shoes if you’re planning on walking a lot! Also, water and a hat and sun glasses are necessary.

Here is a video I made about a year ago … it was my first video shooting and editing experience 🙂

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  1. Looks lovely!

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