Momiji, Fall-leaf Viewing in Naritasan – Chiba

Hello Nature lovers 😉

Maple lovers 🙂 you’re gonna love this! do you want to watch the most perfect maple Momiji leaves around Tokyo?! YES? then you must visit Naritasan.

Naritasan (Naritasan Shinshoji Temple) is a large and highly popular Buddhist Temple complex in Narita city, not far from Narita Airoport. For those who are passing by Japan, and have three or more hours to spend around the airport and wish to catch a glimpse of historic Japan, Naritasan is the best place to visit.

Naritasan was built in the year 940 around its main sacred object of worship, a statue of the Buddhist Fudo Myoo deity. Kobo Daishi, the founder of the Shingon sect, and one of the most important figures in Japan’s religious history, is said to have carved the statue.

A broad variety of temples stand on the spacious grounds of Naritasan, including the temple’s new and former main halls, a three storied pagoda and a huge Tahoto style pagoda, named the Great Pagoda of Peace. There is also a pleasant park, which incorporates both, traditional Japanese and European elements.

Part of the fun of visiting Naritasan is its store lined approach, the Omotesando. Stretching over the entire one kilometer distance from the railway stations to the temple, Naritasan’s Omotesando is a lively street lined by numerous restaurants and stores, that have been selling traditional crafts, foods and souvenirs to pilgrims and tourists for centuries.

Naritasan is also well known for its Park (成田山公園) that is located in the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. It is a Japanese style garden with three ponds and artificial waterfalls. During the spring, cherry blossoms bloom, while in fall, the Park is frequented for fall-leaf viewing. walking the whole park takes about an hour and a half.

How to get to Narita-san:

Naritasan is a 15 to 20 minute walk from JR Narita or Keisei Narita Stations. Just follow the colorful, store lined Omotesando street all the way to the temple. The JR and Keisei stations are about 200 meters apart from each other. Both offer connections to central Tokyo and nearby Narita Airoport.

The Narita City Round Bus connects the airport with the city center and some major sightseeing spots, including Naritasan Temple. However, buses operate only once every 1-2 hours. A ride costs a flat 200 yen regardless of the distance traveled, while a day pass costs 500 yen.

How to travel between Tokyo and Narita City:

There is one line that goes directly from Tokyo to Narita, Sobu Line, make sure you take the Rapid line, it costs 1110 Yen, and the trip takes 70 minutes.

A video I’ve made with my classmates last semester 🙂


Enjoy Naritasan 🙂

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