About ふしぎちゃん!

こんにちは、Aloha outdoor lovers!

I am Sofia, I’m a university student living in Japan for almost 4 years. Having been born and raised in Morocco, traveling the world since 2007, between Africa, Europe and Asia, I have experienced enriching and exciting cultures, traditions and behaviors. As a result, I developed a strong interest in discovering new cultures, sceneries, all kinds of photography, and of course telling stories.

I have always had a flair for traveling, backpacking, camping, hiking, rock-climbing, kayaking, cycling, yoga, walking and getting lost … I love nature, photography, sports, arts and creativity.

Living in Japan is very fun because of its rich nature that is amazing and easily accessible. Besides, I love making new friends while traveling … 😉

As my two biggest passions are outdoor and photography, I decided to put these passions into practice by making this blog. I will be posting once a week about an outdoor space in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Yamanashi, or Ibaraki prefectures; also, I will talk about the Japanese Northern Alps. I will be sharing info about how to get to those locations by train or bus, the cost, the map and any other useful info for nature lovers.

Check out my website for more info about me 🙂

よろしくね! 🙂


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